SRC Imaging does a photo shoot with Model Becca Renzulli at The Big E in West Springfield, MA!

Photo Shoots – “New England’s Great State fair” has kicked off in West Springfield, Massachusetts and many talented people have been trying to make their way to the park to do photoshoots. I have been getting the inside scoop on what’s been going on around the surrounding states with a lot of talented people I have published about in the past and many have made their way to the park and some were able to do photo shoots. Independent Massachusetts model Becca Renzulli and photographer SRC Imaging could now be added on that list as well.


I caught up with Becca after noticing one of the pictures on her profile picture was from a photoshoot that I haven’t seen before. I messaged her through messenger and asked if she would like me to write a story about the photo shoot and she gave me the green light and stated that she thought it would be cool. After filling me in with some of the background information from the photo shoot she sent me pictures to add to the story as well.


She told me the photo shoot was inspired Isabel Vinson and Taylor Elizabeth’s photoshoot with Lauren Farrington Photography. She said Steve of SRC Imaging contacted her a week before about meeting up on the following Sunday to do a photo shoot at the Big E and she was down for it, adding that she was already planning on attending that day anyway. She went into a little more detail leading up to the photo shoot and said they met around 6:30 p.m., got food and took the photos after. She said it was a lot harder than she expected because of how crowded the Big E was but she said she had a great time.


You could follow both of their pages and check out all of the awesome photos they took at the Big E below!




Becca Renzulli: Instagram

SRC Imagining: WebsiteInstagram

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