Stasia Lee Starr reveals her heartbreaking experience with a crush: “I never heard anything ever again.”

Topic Of The Week – Stasia Lee Starr opened up about her first crush and heartbreaking experience for Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month. Here’s what she said:


“Oh Jeez… let’s see… my first real heartbreak… I was 14, and a freshman in high school. I lived in Phoenix, Az and in an apartment complex on 27th Avenue and a little south of Orangewood. And he lived underneath me and my mom. He was 2 years older and was really nice to me back when NO ONE was nice to me. I was very awkward and didn’t have front teeth… but he ended up pissing off my mom’s boyfriend and my mom made me go live with my aunt for a few months. When I was able to hear anything back his cousin told me he moved away to Mesa. I never heard anything ever again. And that was that. Although it would be years before I had another boyfriend, I did get over it. That was a long time ago and I honestly haven’t thought about that in years..📷



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