Stasia Lee Starr talks about modeling, drawing, doing photography, her favorite game series, and more!

Interviews / Models – Stasia Lee Starr gave me a educational experience in our recent interview together on messenger and I’m happy to share that educational experience with all of our daily readers. I invited Stasia to do the interview over messenger and wrote up a few questions for her to answer to get a better understanding of her background, goals, and vision. Enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Stasia Lee Starr *~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Stasia?! I hope you’re enjoying the weather now that things are getting warmer outside. I’m sure you have a lot of great things planned when it comes to the creativity field and I’m looking to find out what exactly that is. So welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe and it’s a pleasure to have you. Let’s start off with your world of art. You have showed me tons of awesome artwork you did that were very detailed in its creation and I was wondering where does your path to art starts and how did you learn how to draw so well?


Stasia: I’ve been drawing for as long as I could remember… as far as how I learnt to draw so well… well practice makes perfect. Plus I’m always looking up new technics.


Internet Hollywood: Does your emotions influence the kind of art you create and do you send messages through your work? And if so, what are some of the type of messages you sent in the past?


Stasia: My moods definitely effect my art. I’m bi-polar and it’s very obvious in my art. Some days are more extreme than other obviously.


Internet Hollywood: What is your vision of an art career that you imagine for the future and is there a deadline on when you want to accomplish it?


Stasia: My art is for fun. I would love to become a tattoo artist, but no deadline to do it.


Internet Hollywood: When did your passion for photography begin and what kind of photo shoots would you like to take and be in yourself?


Stasia: My passion for photography started when I started modeling actually. I’m more of a nature photographer than anything, but I make an awesome photography assistant for the same reason I make a good model. I can see an image before it’s taken and I make it happen. As far as shoots I’d like to be it… I love to Express myself and any shoot that allows me that without being hyper sexualized is great for me.


Internet Hollywood: You’re also an independent model that has done a pretty cool amount of photo shoots in the past. Are you currently working on anything related to modeling and could we expect anymore photo shoots in the future?


Stasia: I am still working on getting into the 2 shoots I already told you about. Just waiting on the photographers to be available. I do have a shoot coming up hopefully this week if weather allows. That will be more of a fashion shoot with Brian T. Anderson who I’ve worked with in the past.


Internet Hollywood: In our conversation you stated that crafting and hiking was a thing that you did and so was gaming. What are some kind of games that you like to play and what is the experience like hiking in the woods?


Stasia: my favorite game series is Gear Of War hands down. But I range from COD, to minion masters, to Fable… like everything it depends on my mood on that day. Also hiking is amazing. Finding little spots on trails that look like they’ve been abandoned is awesome. I also enjoy nature and I get a ton of good pictures every time. My boyfriend has been doing a great job at going with me and pushing me to be healthier and happier.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Stasia!


~*~*Photo by Viking Creative Studios*~*~


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