Stephanie Nicole discuss bad experiences at the beginning of her career, models Beautiful Chaos and Ashley Lynn encouraging her and more!

Beyond The Lens – Model Stephanie Nicole has shown her brilliance in many photo shoots she have done with talented photographers from the New England area. The Massachusetts sensation has made a great deal of friendships and connections along the way as well. After digging I noticed she collaborated with Rocky Knoll Photography, PJ Photography, Joe Harary Photography, Scott Bennet and more. I’m pretty sure those numbers will only continue to increase as she trail blaze her way to success.


I got in touch with the beautiful star to get answers on a couple of questions I had in mind. She kindly granted the interview and gave answers to all the questions I asked.  We talked about her past collaborations, her drive, future projects, a bad experience she went through and more. I hope you enjoy the Internet!

Internet Hollywood: Hey Stephanie Nicole! I’m definitely excited to interview you for the first time ever. How is everything?


Nicole: Everything is going good. How about you?


Internet Hollywood: Everything is great! Thank you for asking. I’ve went through a lot of your work and seen you have collaborated with many people over the years. How did this career journey in your life started?


Nicole: Well I’d say like a year and a half ago, I signed up with this group; it wasn’t really what I thought it was so I ended up leaving. I was going to quit modeling all together, but a few people kept me going.


Internet Hollywood: Where does a person find the drive to keep pushing forward? What was your symbol of hope that kept you motivated?


Nicole: Multiple people kept messaging me asking me when I was gonna post more pictures, or asking me to shoot and it made me feel good and it’s a lot of fun to.


Internet Hollywood: And was there ever a point that you felt discouraged from doing it because of a bad experience?


Nicole: Yes when I was with that group they wanted more “sexy” which isn’t what a lot of us had signed up for. I was still new at the time and we were also driving sometimes – almost 2 hours – for shoots we weren’t getting paid for.


Internet Hollywood: How often did you find yourself in a bad experience during the beginning stages of your career?


Nicole: Not really just like one shoot that wasn’t that great.


Internet Hollywood: Who do you credit for the start of your modeling career? Who were some of your influences that made you really want to do it, or is this something you just took on yourself?


Nicole: One of my friends wanted to do it with me once I signed up, she backed out though. but the amazing people that I was in the group with defiantly encouraged me as well as the wonderful Thanee Hobson (Beautiful Chaos) and Ashley Lynn


Internet Hollywood: Beautiful Chaos is an amazing person and very talented model. We have been following her for a while now. Now I’ve been noticing that you’ve been promoting one of your photos from one of your recent photo shoots on your Facebook profile picture. Who was the photographer being the picture, and how did that shoot come about?


Nicole: The photographer is rocky knoll photography and he’s amazing. We’ve been working together since I started. We shoot once a month. It wasn’t really planned out, we usually come up with stuff on the spot and it always works.

Internet Hollywood:  When you conquer your goal and reach the level of success with modeling you seek what happens next? Do you explore other fields?


Nicole: I may, I’ve thought about getting into writing or even photography. I’ve always liked writing! I took a lot of classes in high school and used to do it all the time, plus a lot of people feel more comfortable shooting with a female photographer, so I could help out others as well.


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite type of modeling to do?


Nicole: I like ones that are very different or look difficult just to see if I can do it.


Internet Hollywood: What would say is the beginning models downfall?


Nicole: A lot of newer models are to trusting.


Internet Hollywood: If a model wants to hit the restart button on their career what steps do you recommend them take?


Nicole: I’d say probably start by rebuilding their portfolio or going with a different look or style; you could probably even change your modeling name as well


Internet Hollywood: What are some things you got in store for the future?


Nicole: Well right now I’m working on more publications and possible traveling. I don’t really have a plan yet.


Internet Hollywood: What is some steps you would recommend for females that are just trying to get into modeling?


Nicole:  I’d say to figure out what type of modeling they are interested in first. Maybe join some groups for models and photographers when you set up a shoot always bring someone with you.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Nicole!


Nicole: Thank you.


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Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography

Stephanie Nicole: Facebook

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