Still Playing With Guns: Rapper Slim Jesus Releases New Music Video For ‘Buck Buck’



Prince Vega – Teenage drill rapper ‘Slim Jesus’ is back showing off guns in his second music video titled ‘Buck Buck’. This music video comes shortly after his first video ‘Drill Time’ caught the Internet by storm and rocketed over millions of views within days, getting the Ohio rapper international exposure. The release of his second song is surprisingly a lot better than the previous song he released that’s gained him international attention. Since his rise on the Internet he has triggered responses from fans and celebrities all over the world, including Amber Rose, P. Diddy, Blac Chyna, Gucci Mane, and more. He admitted in a previous Interview with VladTV that his record is clean and he doesn’t life the street lifestyle. I’m convinced that this kid either lied or is just putting on a persona for shock value and is successfully doing it. Check out his new music video by clicking the link below!

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