Stylist & Model Jessica Gomez talks participating in Miss Bella Hispana Pageant, getting her teaching license, styling hair, being a chef, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent stylist & model Jessica Gomez is someone I really been wanting to interview for a little while now. There have been quite a few times I came across her name while crediting her for the content that was featured on our website in past stories. It was definitely awesome to catch up with her. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jessica Gomez*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Jessica!! I’m glad to finally have you here to do this interview. This was something was suppose to go down around October of last year. I apologize for the delay. But I am glad we both are finally able to finally finish it. How has everything been? Are you enjoying 2018?


Gomez: With a hard ending to 2017 I have to say 2018 is starting well it’s going to be a great year.


Internet Hollywood: I remember in October you told me you were a contestant in the plus size Miss Bella Hispana pageant. How was that experience since you told me this was a dream of yours?


Gomez:  it was an amazing experience from the practices to the pageant we had a talent show which I did a hairstyle in 3 minutes the day of the pageant was the best day getting to make my first costume to picking out my other to dresses I came in 1st runner-up and four trophies which to me was awesome for something I have never done before im definitely preparing myself for the next the one.


Internet Hollywood: You also got your teacher license as well! How hard was it working yourself up to where you are now and what inspired you to want to be a teacher before you started?


Gomez: I have been working with children since I was 14 but I officially became a teacher in 2006 I had to takes classes and training for my experience level to go up.In October of 2016, i reenrolled to become a lead teacher as of November 2017 I passed my certification test and became a lead teacher in child care.


Internet Hollywood: When did styling hair become something that you became very passionate about?


Gomez:  I’ve always had a passion for hair especially doing hair color I’ve always done my own I then enrolled in school 5 years ago and made my skill level better than what it was I have more had my hair license for 5 years I love to make people feel beautiful about themselves.


Internet Hollywood: You are very talented with all of the creative abilities you are juggling with over there. Which one do you feel is the most challenging and if you had to choose out of the three which one will it be?


Gomez: I also am a chef and have my culinary background as well I love being hands-on and making new fun and delicious foods…they say the way to a person’s heart is thru food and I definitely do win everyone’s heart.


Internet Hollywood: Could you name some of the upcoming talented people that you worked with in the past and would like to work with now?


Gomez: I have worked with Isabel Vinson, Jean Langevin, Krissy Boston, Melissa Morris, Antonia Dufort and many more. I have created magic in these ladies hair some of my work was even published in a magazine.


Internet Hollywood: What has been the biggest lesson you learned that you try to teach others that are chasing their dreams as well so they don’t make the same mistake?


Gomez: I would have to say that my biggest piece of advice would be to never give up always follow your heart and follow your dreams there may be setbacks but that just makes you a stronger person to keep going forward and I always have faith and perseverance and a very strong-willed to be determined and what you want I’m still working on goals and it’s my strength that keeps me going.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Are you currently working on anything at the moment?


Gomez: I am working on opening my own catering business and to continue working with beautiful models and doing their hair and one day being in front of the camera myself.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Gomez!


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Jessica Gomez: Instagram

Hair by Jessie Jessies

Photographer: Photography By Class

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