Stylist Yomo Perez discusses wanting to branch into filming, selecting models to walk in her designs, putting together fashion runway show and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts Model & Stylist Yomo Perez is back on our front page after completing her interview with yesterday afternoon. The stylist was asked to do the interview a day before and received all the questions she needed to answer the following day. I been keeping track of a lot of people and Perez happens to be one of the people I’m strongly passionate about writing about. Her drive in going after what she wants is something that really caught my attention. I honestly feel she’s going to go very far with it.


In the interview, she filled us in on the behind the scenes work to put together fashion runway shows, wanting to become a better image consultant & stylist, getting into designing and more. Enjoy the interview!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Yomo! I always have the great pleasure in chatting with you whenever we get time out of our busy schedules to do so. Before we begin please fill our readers in on who you are and what you do.


Perez: I’m an upcoming full figure model & stylist from the Lynn ma area. I would love to be able to eventually work on Fashion shows & photoshoots as creative director & stylist. I’m currently in beauty school to learn more about hair And make up. I just want to better myself over all as an image consultant/ stylist.


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Internet Hollywood: Designing seems so complicated to people who are unfamiliar with the steps to designs clothes. How hard was it for you to get the hang of things and what helped you?


Perez: I consider myself more of a stylist than designer, but I do have a way of tweaking items I find and I believe that with my sketches and continuing to meet the people in the fashion industry I will eventually be able to design my own line. As a stylist, I’ve learned when it comes to picking up wardrobe for my clients house that it’s not necessarily about if it’s something I would wear, if it’s something that I like. It’s about being able to continue being unique and changing up the look of fashion and contributing personality traits and characteristics and everyday wardrobe and in the fashion world.


Internet Hollywood: You are definitely one of the most active stylist that I know that promotes their brand pretty hard online. How important is it for a designer to bring their hustle to the Internet to get to where they need to be?


Perez: I believe that it’s important to promote yourself everyday as much as you possibly could only because you don’t know who’s watching you, don’t know who happens to go on your page at what time, and you honestly don’t know what the possibilities of you being exposed and catching someone’s attention unless you keep promoting yourself. I have a tendency of trying to keep things new at all times and always surprising people so sometimes that might be posting only one or two images from a certain event that I’ve done and then waiting a little to post to rest and always having something fresh for my audience to see. I definitely want people to know that I can work with any size anything any type of fashion and one way that I’m going to be able to showcase that is by pushing myself so I can pay people to do it for me haha.


Internet Hollywood: How do you go about selecting models to walk in your clothing?


Perez: When it comes to print / promotion and Runway V  difference  it’s pretty simple. My print models just have to have the look that I’m going for match the concept. Have confidence and be comfortable in front of the camera. When it comes to run way walking it’s very important for the model to carry her personality and her walk be fierce be unique and stand out, she has to be able to win over a room be confident within herself and pose like no other.


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Internet Hollywood: How hard is it to put together a fashion runway show? Do you need a lot of people to pull it off?


Perez: I always say it’s not about how big your team is its how strong the people are. I have ran fashion shows just by myself with some help from make up artist and possibly an assistant & photographer. Always be ahead of yourself by preparing everything with time coordination & jotting down all ideas that come to mind. If you have the night planned out and what’s going to happen when it will be very breezy! It also helps when the models are on top of their looks , walks and also can multi-task by helping others get ready. Build a strong team!


Internet Hollywood: What are some projects that you are working on that will be publicly known in the future?


Perez: I am working on a few things at the moment, from building my portfolio to getting into film work and behind the sets of music videos. I would love to branch out more in to fashion shows & editorial work. Till than i’m going to continue to work on bettering myself. You can check all my work out on my IG : Styledbyyomo


Internet Hollywood: What are some key things that designers starting out should remember when getting involved for the first time?


Perez: I feel like if you’re starting off at all regardless as a designer, stylist, model, photographer, event planner, hostess and so on, you have to be open to learning. I’ve taken a lot of fields in life, I’ve worked as a bartender, I have worked as a hostess, I have worked as a model, & I have work behind the scenes in different sets. Something that I’ve noticed has helped me is being open to learning & being able to accept criticism. You have to realize that there’s a lot more to what you know & some times what you know might not be correct. Also you’re going to be criticized and as an individual that wants to exceed in your choice of field. You just have to be able to taken in the bad with good. you’ll pick up the right ways of doing things and become the best you can. Another key is Investing in yourself. You have to be able to put into your passion and understand that in the beginning you’re going to be one team member trying to build a crowd of followers and supporters. For them to take you serious you have to put in time, money & always keeping things fresh. The best and most honorable / memorable artist were known for giving their all in to their form of art. Always give your all.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Yomo!


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