Swoop Nation Destroys Cypher – Illnigma Name Drops Prince Vega, Chris Webby, and Krystal LaReign

swoop nationPrince Vega – Swoop Nation just released a powerful new massive cypher with lyricists that has simple handedly destroyed the cypher. During Illnigma’s lines you could easily find names being shuffled around his aggressive flow almost like rag dolls. In his rhymes he proceeds to name drop Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega, Krystal LaReign, and Chris Webby.

The rest of the cypher is followed up by JP, Soldier Picasso, Upgrayde, Terror Tweak, J-Money, Entileck, Millie, Smash-N-Scrape, Youngin, and Dayy. The dominance from each artist plays a major part in connecting a chain of spitters that bends the competition with flexible rhyme styles that brings different sounds to the table.

Although a few artist in the cypher maintained a more “street” flow, rapper Entileck didn’t hesitate to shift the topic onto politics, slamming President Barack Obama for being a “puppet” in his rhymes. The different styles from each artist makes the competitive nature in this nation exciting to watch from a listeners point of view.

This isn’t the first time Swoop Nation members made front page news in Internet Hollywood. A previous report shows Prince Vega bigging up Illnigma for an incredible song he did, ‘America – Game Of Thrones’.

“The timing of the song was so perfect,” Prince Vega said. “He lyrically destroyed the song to the point it kinda annoyed me. I’ve been a fan of iLLnigma’s ever since he released that song. It kinda made me wish I wrote that. I probably would’ve never did it as good he did.”



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