Swoop Nation Teams Up With Daylyt To Cause A Massacre In New Song ‘F**k Is Up’

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Prince VegaSwoop Nation is taking the storm to the shores of Internet Hollywood with a wave that contains new powerful lyrics from the nation and featured artist Daylyt. The energy surrounding the flow of each artist continues to provide the hype that lives in the veins of hardcore rap fans that focuses on the structure of every bar that’s being created in a song. Swoop Nation is chasing the high that comes from creativity and they are not ashamed that its making them different from mainstream artists.

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega has showed a strong amount of support for artists inside of the nation, saying that he’s been a fan of them since 2012. Previous reports shows he also publicly stated how big of a fan he was of Illnigma’s ‘Game of Thrones’ remake.

“The timing of the song was so perfect,” Prince Vega said. “He lyrically destroyed the song to the point it kinda annoyed me. I’ve been a fan of iLLnigma’s ever since he released that song. It kinda made me wish I wrote that. I probably would’ve never did it as good he did.”

Illnigma responded to Prince Vega during a freestyle cypher with his Swoop Nation pairs by shouting out the Internet Hollywood founder during his verse. (Check Below)

Now Swoop Nation is bringing the pain with more to gain in this flaming new song that will solidify their presence in the Internet Hollywood universe. You can check out these amazing lyrical assassins newest release by clicking the video link posted below!

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