Sydney Celeste Rose talks new single ‘Solidified,’ her upcoming album, who’s involved, music tour planning, not liking the current state of music and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent singer Sydney Celeste Rose is on a musical journey and she has finally made her way back to Internet Hollywood’s front page after finishing an interview with us on Sunday evening. We have been planning the interview for a quite some time but the timing had to be right with scheduling for both parties and I’m glad we were finally able to do it.
Rose just released her music single “Solified” on Apple Music and was kind enough to fill us in on all the information we needed to know about it. Enjoy the interview!
~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Sydney Celeste Rose*~*~
Internet Hollywood: What’s the story behind your music single “Solidified” and where did you get the motivation to write it?
Rose: The motivation for this track was just my declaration to myself that I am solidified in my truth and proving it to myself every day.
Internet Hollywood: Is there an album that will be following up sometime after, and if so, is it done yet?
Rose: Yes there is an album in the works. Other songs are being produced and all the songs will be released in an album form with New material as well. There is no date yet on a release.
Internet Hollywood: Will you be making a music video for it?
Rose: There will be a video for an upcoming song not for the current single. Videos have been hard to get done due to shady “video directors” etc.

Internet Hollywood: How do you feel about the current state of music now?

Rose: Absolutely disgusted. Music has no feeling anymore everyone is the same. But luckily you have me who is exactly the opposite and sure to push everyone’s buttons. lol
Internet Hollywood: Are you going to do a music tour sometime in the future to promote your album or will you use the force of the Internet to push it?
Rose: Management and myself are working on a plan for that. I can not speak for further details.
Internet Hollywood: Will the album go deeper into your life experiences or will it be mixed with a variety of different things?
Rose: I always go deeper in talking about my messed up life and that’s what makes my music different. I don’t like perfect. I like honesty.
Internet Hollywood: Last question; who are some of the people you credit the most during the production of this upcoming album?
Rose: Feel J a producer and engineer and DJ Dezerk from Choice 92.1 as well as my first single with another artist Verceti Trap Star. Also DJ Trans from Atlanta and DJ MasINC and DJ Cruze from Miami. It’s the truth you need to know the dj’s and network that’s how you get your music out!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Rose!
~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~
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