Taina Narváez on East Hartford, CT Riverfest Cancellation: “I Saw It Coming!”

tainaPrince Vega – The Hartford, East Hartford, CT Riverfest & fireworks cancellation has been sitting with thousands of people uncomfortably and we are giving them a platform to express how they truly feel about the cities decision to cut off something as important as the biggest celebration of the year, which would’ve costed the city 100,000 vs the amount of 10 million the city agreed to help pay for a baseball stadium that isn’t even completed yet.


Taina Narváez is a new face making front page news in Internet Hollywood and we are happy to have her. She’s an upcoming model who has engaged in a huge amount of photo shoots with local photographers and has done an amazing job so far. During our short conversation Narváez weighed in on the disappointing news.


“Due to my “monotone/ways” ways. I may come off a bit uncaring. Lol, I’m a bit of an observer. I like to look at things evenly. Or for exactly what they are. My first thought when I heard of the new field coming. Was why? And the location just seems so off. This is what happens when you bite off “more then you can chew”. I saw it coming. I must be honest and add I’m not bothered by the loss of fireworks. (If you’d like to send a different question you can lol was at a lost for words with this one)”

Q: Do you feel the city is robbing the citizens? A lot of people feel they are robbing us through taxes and is using the money for their own benefit.


“I definitely feel there’s some robbing going on,” she said. “The situation out here is, with lube or without, you do good for yourself, get your ducks in a row. And they tax you more. And just when you think you’ve got that under control…Boom!! Raised taxes. I believe soon we will have “butt scratch tax” better wash your ass or don’t get caught scratching!! The Feds are watching. ????

Narváez has been showing a tremendous amount of support to Internet Hollywood and we appreciate the talented model from the Hartford county for doing so. The absolutely gorgeous picture of her above was taken by Mikka-Joes Photography. You can check out more of Mikka-Joes work by going to www.MikkaJoe.com.

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