Taylor Anderson Calls Upcoming Election “Pointless”, Will Not Vote For Hillary Clinton Nor Trump

taylor-anderson-images-5Prince Vega – More people are beginning to express their frustration over this year’s election and Internet Hollywood has been keeping the world updated on their reactions day by day. A quick stroll through our front page will give you an idea of how impactful this upcoming election has been in the Internet Hollywood community.


One gorgeous female by the name of Taylor Anderson was kind enough to share her views on this upcoming election and she wasn’t too pleased. She shared similar views with quite a few of our celebrities who felt the election was worthless.


After questioning the model about her views and candidate of choice for this year’s election, she slammed both candidates and said she felt as if her vote didn’t matter.

“This election is an insult to our intelligence. By “our intelligence”, I’m describing the people of North America as a whole. We say we want better for ourselves but no one wouldn’t vote for Bernie Sanders to make it happen. Instead, we have a racist smartass and lame excuse of a man and a conniving, secretive wife of a former president running for office. I’m not a huge fan of politics but the fact that the people of America had the option to make things right has disappeared the moment Sanders stopped running. I can’t even speak on the matter to anyone anymore and it’s not like my vote will matter either. I’m just watching to see what happens now and just living life because this whole election is just…. Pointless.”

Although Anderson has never been published on Internet Hollywood before, she will be offered opportunities for publications in the future. She has shown a great deal of support for other Internet Hollywood publications that has found their way to the popular world of social media.


We greatly appreciate Taylor Anderson’s input on this very important matter.  It is always exciting to see another smart minded individual share their views even when some may consider them controversial. Anderson is from Hartford Connecticut, which is also the birthplace of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.

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