Taylor Elizabeth Calls This Year’s Election “Terrifying”, “It Has Come Down To A Bully And A Criminal”


Prince Vega –  With the elections a little over a week away and Bernie Sanders out of the picture, things have really taken a turn for the worst for this year’s election. Most voters are dissatisfied with the two-party candidates being proposed by the mainstream media and it is hard for the rest of the world not to notice it


This election has been influenced by all kinds of damaging stories that involves corruption, sexual harassment, racism, and more. The mainstream media has been accused of being bias and a new documentary released by Project Veritas uncovers democratic party operatives secretly infiltrating Donald Trump rallies with paid agitators.


Model Taylor Elizabeth is well aware of what’s happening in the election and she feels terrified. After asking for her thoughts, she told us she hopes Hillary Clinton get’s election and praised Bernie Sanders influence on the election

“This election has been terrifying to me, I can’t believe it has come down to a bully and a criminal. I honestly am hoping Hillary will get arrested as soon as possible so she can’t be the option. In the perfect world, Bernie Sanders would step up for democratic candidate. His revolution inspired many to get into politics and be aware of the evil, corrupt nature of the government.”


Elizabeth officially became an Internet Hollywood celebrity shortly after joining Isabel Vinson’s Mooi Model Management. Vinson is the leading model in Internet Hollywood front page stories. You could also credit Isabel Vinson for the nice wardrobe in the featured image above. The astounding photography work was done by Karl Jacobson.

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