Taylor’s journey as an operating officer at Internet Hollywood continues! Here’s what she’s done so far!

Buzz Alert – It was only last month when the news was revealed that Taylor was selected to be an operating officer for Internet Hollywood. She revealed how she felt about it in the last interview with had with her not too long after being recruited and here’s what she said: “Thank you. I honestly love it. It puts my creative mind to work. I’m enjoying the process so far and I can’t wait to see the end result.” So what exactly is Taylor doing right now? Well Taylor is also assisting IH with party planning and has explored a venue, took photos, drafted ideas for decorations, and even spoken with other team members in a group chat setting. She has been in discussions involving upcoming events and has even made strong suggestions. She has been doing great so far. We will keep you updated on Taylor’s journey as it continues.





Taylor: Instagram


*This photo of Taylor was taken by Mark Murphy lll. You could check out more of his work at @mm3models

*Buzz Alerts are small stories that updates people on things some of the people we published in the past are doing.

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