Texas Artist & Photographer Crystal Allen reveals the powerful meanings behind three of her fascinating drawings: “This drawing represents the power of love and faith in oneself.”

Poems & Art – One creative artist and talented photographer from the state of Texas named Cystal Allen has some incredible piece of art to share for our new “Poems & Poetry” column. Allen sent me three greatly detailed drawings of beautiful green trees surrounding a pathway, a tiger with astonishing stripes, and a lion. She also filled me in on the inside story behind each drawing to attach to the story!

This drawing represents the strength of struggle. The kind of struggle most cannot survive.. I Named it Simba’s Pride.

This drawing represents the power of love and faith in oneself. It takes a lot of time and patience to find that power. Sometimes solitude brings it out. I named it “Ghost

This last one is from a dream. I’m not really sure what it represents. I just remember waking up really sad but happy at the same time after creating it. It’s name is “Serene Pleasure”


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