Texas Hip Hop artist Janae Monique talks about her first crush and heartbreaking experience: “I was in the 8th grade more mature than others for my age.”

Topic of the Week – Texas music artist Janae Monique participated in Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month about childhood crushes and heartbreaks by revealing the story about her first crush and heartbreaking experience. Here’s what she had to say!


“I was in the 8th grade more mature than others for my age, started talking to a guy that was like a yr or two older than me, had everything in common from music, sports, and etc., I wasn’t a fast female or sleeping around with anybody like everyone else was though so I think that’s what made him a lil bit nervous about being with me because he couldn’t hold back no longer, so he talked to me one day and said that if we can’t do anything then he will have to end it cuz he don’t want to cheat on me because I’m a good girl, so of course I chose myself dignity over him, and I can’t lie at that time it kinda had me in my feelings listening to all kinds of Rnb love songs for awhile lol, but we are still close friends until this day and I don’t regret any of it”


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