Thanks Again, William: William Joseph Opens The Gates For Ashley Nicole In Internet Hollywood

ashley nicole 22222222222Photographer William Joseph is receiving a lot of praise for all the hard work he’s been putting in for other people’s career. A new model is finding her way into Internet Hollywood name Ashley Nicole after William Joseph recommended her to Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega on Facebook. The #1 male celebrity tagged the adorable model in a status hoping they find Internet Hollywood’s selfie magazine interesting enough to submit their photos. None of the models were rewarded a slot in the first magazine, but the second issue remains a charm worth waiting for! We are expecting tons of slots to be filled by brand new models that were either too late, or didn’t receive a shot in the first magazine in December. Ashley is an upcoming model from Toms River, New Jersey that has done plenty of local shoots with photographers around the way in New Jersey, including Aspiration Photography, Mitch Walla Photography, and Internet Hollywood superstar William Joseph. After going through a few of Ashley’s modeling photos it became easier for us to understand how passionate the model is. She participated in dozens of photo shoots that proves Ashley can take on dozens of rear personalities that remains hard for many models. Internet Hollywood’s newest face is clearly making her weight pressure us into covering the enormous amount of work that hasn’t been covered by any of our reporters. We calmly ask that our readers get use to seeing Ashley’s beautiful face because it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. We thank William Joseph for opening Internet Hollywood’s doors to this adorable woman!

 Photographer: Erik Palmer

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