The Barbarian Interviews Vill Hallway Will, Rah Rhythm And Humble, Discusses White Supremacy

the interview 2Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own has another home to express the views of their own and that’s with radio personality The Barbarian on his Heavy Liftin podcast. During his 11th episode all three artists touched down on some much needed topics like white supremacy, subliminal programming, teen violence, population control and more.

After digging through this interview, I honestly have to tip my hat off to all four of these brothers for using their voices to open the minds of people to more important topics that the media tends to drift us away from. People have become so obedient to a certain way of thinking that they refuse to accept the possibility that powerful men and women put together an agenda that flows through a system built on “white supremacy” to maintain dominance over others.

The discussion also goes on about George Zimmerman and how he chose to sell the gun that killed Trayvon Martin. “When are they going to give his family peace?” Humble spoke from a father’s perspective. They also questioned how the Black Lives Matters movement didn’t act on George Zimmerman’s actions, adding that they felt it was sensationalized.

“If You don’t know what it is you’re a dummy,” Vill Hallway Will said. “This is white supremacy at its finest.” Check out the entire amazing interview below!

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