The Beautiful Internet Hollywood Celebrity Iwona Tiger Celebrates Her 28th Birthday!

iwona 3Iwona Tiger is sitting higher than the rest with wishes pouring in all over the world as she celebrates her 28th birthday! The Internet Hollywood celeb has went head on with her challenges and made the best out of her accomplishments by pushing herself farther than the rest. What’s left of her opening doors is the future that awaits for her to grab onto and she’s making the progress to ensure that happens. We haven’t got much word from Iwona now that her birthday has arrived but the beautiful model did share photos online of a small birthday party she had with a group of friends that showed her nothing but support. Iwona has made her presence known in our universe and has repeatedly headlined in the past for the amazing efforts she put into the alternative realm of modeling. Our gorgeous little miss Tiger has fired up the engine to start moving her way to the top of our charts in the months to come. She continues to excite us with amazing images to add to the magnificent collection of photo shoots she continues to involve herself with! We are grateful to have someone as determined as Iwona in our universe and we wish her a happy birthday!

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