The Beauty Of Kelly: Kelly Ingram Brings Out The “Sexy” In Dazzling Red Dress

kelly ingram redThe second Internet Hollywood story following ProjectXPlatinum model Kelly Ingram is something worth bragging about. The adorable blue eye’d princess is blossoming throughout the amazing red dress she squeezed her stunning body into. Have you seen it? You don’t know what your missing! The previous photos released earlier this year shows the beautiful Kelly resting inside of a dark room with her right hand pressed into a dress that nobody else would look better in! The timing of the shot couldn’t have been any more perfect; her eyes were perfectly aligned with the way she was positioned, and her hair couldn’t have been anymore prettier. We are not surprise to find amazing work from a model like Kelly Ingram. Kelly is a very strong minded woman with a passion to make things happen as-long as it helps expand her career. She’s been involved with the ProjectXPlatinum movement for over 6 months and she’s finally getting the exposure she deserves in our universe. Kelly continues to remain patient while remaining anxious for the next move she’ll easily own with every step she takes. Kelly will soon be a known figure that will lead the scene for many upcoming alternative models hoping to make a difference in their lives. Kelly’s patience have made it easy for our journalists to work during our troubling schedules and we thank her deeply for that. Kelly continues to keep a warm heart and sweet mind when she’s in conversations with members from Internet Hollywood. The young beautiful model is one of the biggest supporters to the ProjectXPlatinum movement! We weclome our beautiful Kelly Ingram back into the Internet Hollywood headlines and we look forward to her dominating the charts in the future!

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