The countdown before MA makeup Artist Maggievanity makes her debut in the Internet Hollywood Magazine in July is on!

Internet Hollywood Magazine – Sometime in July, Massachusetts makeup artist Maggievanity will be making her debut in the Internet Hollywood Magazine for the very first time and some minds are still wondering what will come out of the new issue that will be the first to be released in the year.


It wasn’t too long ago our readers found out Maggievanity was chosen to be featured in the magazine issue along with a lot of other talents in the Massachusetts area. Maggievanity was one of the first makeup artists that were selected to be featured in the issue that will shine a lot on up and coming talent and give some tips on how people could help start off their careers.

The magazine was originally set to be released on February 14th but due a few troubling circumstances the date had to be  pushed back to late July. When the official day is set everyone will be notified of it.


Maggievanity was also a makeup artist at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show on July 2017. She did an amazing job and her work was captured in many awesome pictures that were taken by photographers that were in attendance.



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




MaggieVanity: Instagram

Model In Picture: Jennifer Guerra

Photographer: Todd Ken aka TK MORGAN

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