The Perfect Woman: The Reason Internet Hollywood Needs A Model Like Emily Caroline

emilyEmily Caroline is keeping it grown and sexy for her debut on Internet Hollywood’s front page for the very first time! The ProjectXPlatinum superstar is making her presence known as an alternative model with a lot to offer in her growing career. Although she isn’t a familiar face, her energy will provide enough momentum to secure her a strong spot on our billboard charts in the future. Emily was recruited into the powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement earlier last year by Prince Vega after he discovered her pictures on a photographers fan page. She was one of the very few models selected last summer that we feel deserved the opportunity to be represented as an Internet Hollywood celebrity. The inside of her beautiful eyes is a blossoming field of wet roses sprouting across the Alajuela gardens. Imagining yourself warming up to her inside of a photo shoot is enough for Emily to take our breath away. It isn’t hard to tell by looking that Emily probably has an interesting story to tell based off of experience. She’s always been a strong conscious woman that is very careful with important decisions that she makes. We are lucky to be one of the few to share moments with the celebrity in past conversations. Everything involving Emily inside of our digital industry will always be a moment we’ll cherish forever. Our little Caroline will continue to remind young woman all over the world that accomplishing your goals has always been possible. Her steps will be followed by dozens of models in search for an opportunity to reach levels that they never did before.  We can only wait and see what this amazing young superstar has in store for all her followers as the spring approaches. How far will she go? Our second floor private committee is predicting Emily will make a strong impact among young female readers with dreams of pursuing a career as a model. The incredible photo of this adorable model was took by an awesome photography by the name of Robert Schneider.

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