The Reason Mark Diggity’s song ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’ will remain a favorite to everyone that has heard it!

Musicians – Rap artist Mark Diggity has been through quite a bumpy road over the years and still he remains the humble and supportive person many people already known him to be. But the flowing blood through music carries a wave of sounds that will paint the reality of an artist that draws people into a world of pain, success, betrayal, or whatever else they feel suits the picture that’s imagined when producing creative pieces of work for the world to explore.


One could say the same when hearing hard hitting songs like ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’ comes on through the speakers of those that listen. Although the song may not have reached a commercial level of streaming platforms where communication through the international waves are promised, those that listen to the song will feel the energetic potential to the point it may seem as if it had because of its strong impact.


In the song ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’ Mark Diggity takes full control of the song from beginning to end with guidance of a talented singer who finds his place throughout the song with harmonies of his own to bring a more enjoyable sound for all listeners. But enjoying the sound isn’t the only thing that makes this song a gem that many will cherish in years to come.


The lyrics are some of the most deep and well presented words that many could relate to even if they didn’t experience the struggles that Mark Diggity or some of the people that listened to or may not have.


I was young seen drugs get sold on the block/

seen ogs get exposed to the cops/

by they right hand man on the low for the gwop/

**** crazy cuz you don’t even know who to watch/


But it doesn’t stop there:


**** crazy time aint the same nomore/

they dont know how to play the game nomore/

n***** snitch then the cops come and bang your door/

damn, now you can’t sell **** nomore/

Ain’t no job when you come home

you blew your chance like a trombome/

when you aint got **** all your so called friends wont answer your calls like its unknown/


Me highlighting these lyrics should be enough to get the full understanding of why this song will live on through the minds and ears of those who listen. It incites the mind, emotion and the imagination. So when listening to each verse it will not only feel as if its a good song – but nothing short of the truth that nobody can hide from.


All Around did an amazing job filming and editing this video and they deserve full credit for helping this incredible song become something more than just any other music video. This is a treasure that will be appreciated by all of those that can relate and it will remain a jewel for the minds of those  that understand in many years to come.

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