The Reason Model Tiahna Lee Deserves Credit For Entering In The ProjectXPlatinum Contest!

TIAHNAProjectXPlatinum contestant Tiahna Lee is securing her stay in the public’s eye after pulling in 115 votes in our cover girl contest. The shocking amount grew tremendously in a matter of 2 weeks with no problem! Imagining the hard work put into racking these votes is one of the reasons Tiahna is now being embraced in our Internet Hollywood universe. Her fan base as an alternative model remains in the low hundreds but her social media presence will make you think otherwise. Tiahna’s determination in becoming ProjectXPlatinum’s first cover girl provided the strength that Tiahna needed to beat out other competitors involved in the contest with bases bigger than hers. Her effort alone proves that hard work is the key to achieve whatever it is you want most. Many alternative models struggle to find the motivation to push themselves through a challenge because of fear. The cage that traps models mentally exist because models allow themselves to doubt the possibility of being more than they are because of competition. Tiahna’s influential power will continue to grow and those that believe in themselves will get the message that Tiahna is sending. We welcome our adorable Tiahna to the Internet Hollywood universe and we wish her the best of luck in the contest! The amazing work put into the photo that is seen on the side was done and took by an incredible photographer by the name of Lisa Hohn Mclain!

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Photographer: Lisa Hohn Mclain



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