The Skills: Raven Macabre Photography transforms photo shoot with model Lex Yian

Photo Shoots – Photographer Raven Macabre is taking us all on a magical ride through his world of art this week and everyone that’s paying attention is loving every minute of it. The photographer posted a photo from one of his recent shoots with model and makeup artist Lex Yian and stated he was just “messing around” with the photo and came up with the amazing idea. We see this happen quite often with Macabre and have witness some of his best work come out of that process.


And so far the Massachusetts photographer has received positive criticism from everyone that seen the photos of Yian on his social media pages. He also got positive responses from photographer Melissa Morris of MCM Photography, Ravishing Virgo and Emma Katherine. I’m positive those responses will increase.


Both Yian and Macabre have been doing an amazing job making front page news on our website. This is already Yian’s fifth story and Macabre’s seventeenth. He is currently the #1 published male photographer in Internet Hollywood. The number of features for both of them will most likely increase in the future.


Last month Macabre and Lex Yian appeared at Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year in Manchester, CT. It was Yian’s first party and Macabre’s second. There has been dozens of photos released from the party since then.


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Lex Yian: Instagram (Model) – Instagram (Makeup)

Raven Macabre: Instagram – Facebook

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