THE SWORD THO? LOL: Schon-Ray gets his acting on in his new short comedy video

Photographers – Schon-Ray Joseph has gone from behind the camera to the front in a comedy clip he released on his Youtube channel earlier this week. I recently received an inbox message from Schon-Ray on my Facebook messenger with a direct link to the video and I clicked it as soon as I had the time to check it out. It excited me to see him in do this because I remembered when he told me he had ideas of doing it and I expected it to be very soon, judging on how interested he sounded in it.

The video is a pretty funny plot that involves a pizza delivery man that ended up at the wrong end of the stick after going into a house with some pretty pissed off people that waited for an hour to get their pizza. After grabbing a couple of weapons they decided to give the delivery man a tip…that he will always remember. LOL. You could check out the video below and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!


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