The Winning Shot: Model Marie Alexander And Photographer Trisha May Creates Magic!!

Marie AlexanderI don’t think many of you are aware of the recent photo Marie Alexander released on her fan page but it’s AMAZING! A couple days ago Marie shocked her following with an absolutely astonishing gray and black photo of her facing the head of a skull on a porch. The classy image lives in our subconscious minds enough to rewind time to a date in the past. The “Adam” Family quickly comes to mind when watching the bizarre head rest on top of the fingers of Marie in the picture. Trisha’s timing in capturing Marie could have not been any more perfect. The only way such an amazing photo of this nature could come out of a camera is if the photographer believes in themselves enough to follow their instincts. This photo proves that team work is the key to creating breathtaking moments that will last in our minds forever. Trisha May Photography and Marie Alexander deserves all the credit in the world for creating such a beautiful picture to add to their collection. Marie Alexander’s debut in our universe is truly a story worth keeping on top of our headlines. The thriving young superstar is using her talent to build a name for herself in the social media world. Marie’s Facebook fan page currently have over 3,600 followers and some are ProjectXPlatinum models!




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