Three Beautiful Faces, One Powerful Message: Models Tori Lyn, C.C. Marie & Danica Eliseus sent a powerful message during their Internet Hollywood party appearance!

Internet Hollywood Party – There are many things that could be imagined when thinking about newer faces finding an interest in an event your coming when you don’t know what to expect. But there is something I expected from these three models because of how well they carry themselves in the independent film. I’ll start off with the amazing Danica Eliseus.


Eliseus is a model from the state of Connecticut that repeatedly rocked the Internet Hollywood universe before the beginning of the party. She was featured on Internet Hollywood on Internet Hollywood nine times, 6 of them before the Internet Hollywood party. She was also in the mix of a great deal of promotion that was going on through our social media pages around that time as well.


Many people knew she was coming weeks before she made her first appearance. She also spread the word about the party and brought a couple of friends with her to enjoy it. There are also talks that may end up with the independent model getting featured in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue. Her powerful presence was felt by those that know her in attendance and the vibe couldn’t have been any more positive.


C.C. Marie’s first appearance comes with a very little background in internet Hollywood’s history but it will definitely be noted in the future. She was brave enough to take on the challenge in coming to an event organized by someone she barely knew. She came, she saw and slayed in the massive networking environment and showed off her beautiful dress for the cameras. The public was made aware of her plans to attend the party when a publication was released in July.


Lynn has been off to an amazing start in Internet Hollywood this year. The independent model was featured on our website three times before the Internet Hollywood party and stated she was coming to blow off some steam. Since then, she has been published twice and will be getting published again very soon. The model caught a lot of smiles during an interview she did with us back in July. She discussed past photo shoots, looking up to Isabel Vinson and more. That was also an article that many people attending the party seen. She may have been a new face then, but it definitely didn’t feel like it when she was at the party.


So what’s my point? Each of these models embodies three things I feel everyone should have; bravery, support and flexibility. I feel it’s important to be brave enough to take a chance even if sometimes you may not want to do it because you never know what to expect. I also feel it’s best to be flexible to different environments to establish connections that may make things easier for you in the long run. But never forgot to show some kind of support to someone that may need it and always remember life itself will return back every great favour you do for others!


This awesome photo was taken by Constantine Photos.


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