Three Reasons Why Prince Vega Wants Violeta To Be Internet Hollywood’s Second Colombian Model


Prince Vega – Prince Vega’s focus on turning Gloria Conroy’s friend Violeta into a Internet Hollywood model is news to a lot of representatives. The Internet Hollywood founder publicly expressed his interest in working with Violeta and making her Internet Hollywood’s second Colombian model after noticing how hard she works as an independent mother. That brings us to our first reason:

Her Drive

Violeta works endlessly to provide for her beautiful children and nothing is more important than that. The future Colombian model has two jobs and continues to maintain them no matter how hard it may become at times. Her strength to wake up in the morning is as amazing as the energy she keeps to remain positive even at times it could get a little rough. That alone shows when Violeta is focused on something she will do what needs to be done to make sure it’s taken care of.

Her Personality

One thing I noticed is beyond that irresistible Colombian accent of hers is a caring and down to earth person who is very understanding. She was well aware a story was being written on her in Internet Hollywood and still remained patient for an entire month without saying a word about it. Things like that holds meaning to Prince Vega who is confident she will be Internet Hollywood’s next Colombian model. Although she speak very good english, she tends to drift back to spanish during sentences depending on who and how she’s talking to someone. That alone will influence the Internet Hollywood community to want to learn more about Violeta, Gloria Conroy and their beautiful country Colombia. Her social skills will guide her to important conversations that will launch her career to commercial stardom.violeta

She Classy

Violeta may not be famous but she certainly acts like it. She carries herself with class and maintains a gorgeous fit body that curves like the edges of a champagne glass. She looks dazzling in everything she wears and struts her body just as good as any famous super model. The strands of her beautiful long hair dangles freely across her back and her smile captures the inner-warmth emotion that draws you deeper into her vibrant aura. Violeta is a living goddess having a human experience and we are lucky to have the honors in welcoming her positive vibe to Internet Hollywood.

Prince Vega became strongly interested in Violeta after seeing her in a video with Gloria Conroy in the summer of last year. He has contacted the model and is currently in talks with her about becoming Internet Hollywood’s second Colombian model. That decision was also endorsed by her very supportive friend Gloria Conroy.

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