Tickets For Sale: Shoot Isabel Vinson & Antonia Dufort at Atomic Canary New England On February 11!

Prince Vega – 6 Photographers will have a chance to shoot with Internet Hollywood models Isabel Vinson and Antonia Dufort at Atomic Canary in Rhode Island. The three hour shoot will be done in a place with great studio space and multiple sets for just $125/per person.


Don’t be the first to miss these gorgeous models in action. They are very great girls that are fun and very easy to work with. Both are experienced models that carries a positive attitude that will give photographer’s an absolutely amazing vibe when collaborating.


The event will be three hours long and only 6 photographers will be able to attend. The other benefits that come with this shoot is the fact that it may get published on Internet Hollywood if Vinson ask. She is the first Internet Hollywood model who receives a lot of media coverage for her hard work.


Vinson was recently nominated for Arlene Diaries for being Prince Vega’s first Internet Hollywood model. She is one of the very few people that will be added to Internet Hollywood’s history book on February 14th.


Click Here to purchase your tickets to shoot Isabel Vinson & Antonia Dufort on February 14th.


The perfectly executed photo taken of Isabel Vinson and Antonia Dufort was taken by Lens Wild Photography.

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