Tickets On Sale: Designers, Models, MUAs, Photographers & More Are Preparing For The IH Party In Natick, MA on July 1st!

The countdown is on for Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year and many talented people in New England are planning on making a special appearance. Since last month, we have been revealing names of many talented people in the Massachusetts area Dozens of stories have been released in relations to the Internet Hollywood fashion show but no official date on when the event will be taken place was mentioned. But now the date, town, and state have been finally revealed and many people are excited to hear Natick, Massachusetts will be the next stop.


So far it is known to the public that this event involves 4 designers and a total of 30 models. Major announcements were also made in publications that revealed the names of a couple of makeup artists and hairstylists that were also involved in the event. The total amount of makeup artists and hairstylist is currently at 20.


This massive networking event does not only include a fashion show. It is also a media event and dance party that will include live performances, reporters, interviews, and much more. It will also include a live performance by Internet Hollywood Vega. Internet Hollywood events have always been a great place to network with others, build your connections, hang out with old friends, make new ones, dance, party, get interviewed and pictures taken by great photographers that voluntarily share their creative skills with others. So if you are around the area come hang out with us!!


The tickets went on sale this week and only 180 of them are available to the public. The price is currently set at $30 but will rise to $35 on June 1st. You could buy a ticket to the event by clicking the link below!



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