TONIGHT: Party With Rapper G.O.L.D At The Beso Lounge Tonight In East Hartford, CT

gold besoPrince Vega – There is only two days left before the end of the Keep It 100′ challenge ~ but tonight is the night to witness G.O.L.D in action patying in Hartford, CT for his Keep It 100 Appreciation Party. Rapper G.O.L.D has been increasing his independent grind with strategic marketing moves that benefits him and his supporters. His recent challenge involved individuals from all over recording a  video playing his song in it. All people had to do after was hash tag #keepit100challenge and tag their IG @goldworld860 and @jordanmeyermusic. The best video would be awarded $100 on Easter! Announcement posted below:

Win $100 !!!!!!
Starting TODAY me and Jordan Meyer will be doing the #Keepit100challenge where u will record video of u playing the keep it 100 song .. U can dance.. Sing it.. Or just play it.. But u have to be in it and u have to hash tag #keepit100challenge.. And tag our IG @goldworld860 and @jordanmeyermusic .. Or facebook …The best video will win $100 cash and prizes on easter. So if u support the wave.. Let’s get it.. POST UR VIDEOS NOW..

G.O.L.D’s single strongly impacted commercial radio throughout the second and third quarter of last year after its release. His accomplishments easily helped him become the second biggest headliner among Connecticut artists making front page news on Internet Hollywood. You can check out the song ‘Keep It 100’ by clicking the video link below. G.O.L.D is also booked to appeared at Beso Lounge in Hartford, CT  on March 25th! Show support by heading to 860 Main Street in East Hartford, CT. All ladies are free before 11 pm! The event is presented by Feel Good Fridays with music by Black Rhino.



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