TONIGHT: The Game Of Rap Series First Pay Per View Kicks Off – GUSTO, BDK, SOS, WAYNE & MORE!

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Tonight at 10:00 pm (est), the first ever Internet Hollywood ‘Game Of Rap’ pay per view will be kicking off and rappers all over our international universe will collide for the very first time in an epic song to song battle. All wins and losses will be documented for our preseasonal record that will be erased by November 15th as the official date for the next pay per view is announced for the month of December. The beginning of November marks the start of the first season that will permanently document all wins and losses if ever an artist decides to compete with another inside of the Game Of Rap series. The reason the series was created was to help motivate artists from all over the world to take on the biggest challenge whenever it is presented to them. The ability to overcome your fears will help you take on chances you never thought you’d succeed from before. The battles lined up between each artists includes Baby Beretta, DynastytheGoddess, B.D.K, S.O.S, Jayson Diwa, Cthree, GuddaMouth, Snacks Giggaty, Wayne Gordon and Nana Paul. The latest news that will soon fill our headlines is the pass Nana Paul is getting on the first pay per view. Nana will have plenty of time to prepare for the next pay per view that is expected to take place sometime in December! To tune into the pay per view go to Internet Hollywood’s “HOME” page and scroll down and click “play” on the radio icon twice!

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