Top 10 Selfies: Joetry Photo Voted #10 Hottest Selfie, Will A Magazine Feature Follow In July?

joetry7Prince Vega – Model Joetry is making her official debut on the Internet Hollywood Hottest Model Selfie Charts and she’s looking absolutely gorgeous. After a small vote from our private committee of thirteen one of Joetry’s photos was was quickly voted #10! This is the first time Joetry has ever appeared on any chart in Internet Hollywood’s history.


The model received an astounding 9 out of 13 votes to secure her position with a huge list of others who grazed the spot only by a few votes. Joetry’s presence is slowly gaining the attention it needs and it seems that it is finally paying off for the better. There is also talks of the model being selected to be a feature in our upcoming Internet Hollywood magazine. The date of the July issue release is due to come out at the end of June.


Joetry’s gorgeous face was first published in Internet Hollywood in late March when she welcome new models Keyanna and Rubia Banks to Internet Hollywood. Her advice was strong she received the strongest reaction and most traffic from our readers:

Her advice (3/26/16):

“Advice I would give to new models is at the end of the day every business is about who you know. So networking is key as well as maintaining a good reputation. There has been so many times that people have come to me and didn’t believe I modeled professionally because they have this image of models being these mean uptight individuals who go through intense stuff to maintain their image. That’s not always the case. They should understand why they want to model and keep that purpose constantly. So that they are open to other opportunities that only enhance the purpose. I started modeling to love myself and who I am and no matter what opportunities come my way I will not forget that is why I started modeling and that’s what keeps me humble to want to meet and learn from people that I meet within the industry.”


Joetry is also one of the very few models to be offered a Internet Hollywood representative position. Her latest accomplish will be highly discussed on Internet Hollywood radio. You could also listen to Prince Vega host Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 8th at 8:30 p.m. (est). You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page.

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