‘Top Model’ Alert: Christina Marie Makes Hard Hitting Debut Internet Hollywood

christina mWith Internet Hollywood’s #1 top model up for grabs many new models are finding their way into our front page headlines quicker than before. Just recently our recruiters successfully recruited over 30 new female models after Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega announced there would be an expansion occurring a few days after. Among the 30 was a beautiful talented model by the name of Christina Marie. Christina is a creative individual that has used her creativity to generate the support of the public with modeling. It’s extremely hard not to find what makes Christina special whenever she publishes a photo from one of her shoots. She continues to provide what’s needed in the energy she creates with her positive attitude and unique style. Hate if you want, Christina has earned every bit of success that comes with being an alternative model. She’s worked her way through the social media storm that has brought dozens of models down in the process. The last thing anyone would want is the heat that would force a model to break a sweat from the idea of not being good enough. It’s safe to say that Christina is overcoming the odds with everything she has. She easily gained enough votes from our second floor private committee to be voted into Internet Hollywood as a celebrity. How cool is that? Many could imagine themselves having stardom, but without the struggle what is it worth? The best thing about conquering your dreams is remembering all the hard work and struggle that got us there to begin with. Christina is a living phenomenon that’s finally getting her shot on a new digital platform. It would be impossible to imagine her not taking advantage of this opportunity when thousands have been wishing for it. It’s women like her that makes the difference in the lives of millions of dreamers all over the world. We look forward in seeing what this beautiful model has in store for us in the future! This amazing photo of Christina was took by an awesome photographer by the name of Michael Pagano.

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