‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts: Will Carrie Madeline Become Internet Hollywood’s #1 Model?

CARRIE EYESInternet Hollywood’s epic battle between models is starting to become the biggest stories reported as front page news on our website. Readers are finally beginning to focus on the importance of each lineup that is listed whenever #1 on the billboard charts is up for grabs. Carrie Madeline is no stranger to facing off with models inside of Internet Hollywood. She was the first model in our digital universe to make it in Internet Hollywood’s top ten within three months after joining. Carrie’s influence on our universe has become so huge that she’s immediately becoming one of the most watched models making front page news today. The model solidified her credibility after William Joseph chose her as the first model to take Internet Hollywood magazine’s front cover. She was also chosen to play a role in one of Prince Vega’s future films that has been delayed due to his busy schedule. The reality behind the thought of Carrie’s next move is clearly built on curiosity. Many are already speculating whether Carrie’s success is built on certain relationships she have with Internet Hollywood representatives, giving her a slight advantage over others. We could only show our backs with no response because in this world everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It’s only best that people embrace the fact that women all over the world is getting exposure for doing something they love, without hating. Only time will tell the role each model will play as the chart list reveals our elite model lineup. Will Carrie Madeline become Internet Hollywood’s #1 model? We will find out sometime in the future!

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