Top Models Billboard Charts: Kiti Gunn Locks Hold Onto 7th Place Without Budging!

kiti gunnWithout a doubt Kiti Gunn is by far one of the most influential upcoming models in our universe that has repeatedly found her way through the headlines by photos, interviews, updates and more! Kiti Gunn publicly debuted in our universe as the first model to ever receive a written interview on and it still remains that way till this very day. Kiti gun is an elder member of ProjectXPlatinum that has secured her position as a power house within a few days of her arrival and still now she remains to grip tightly onto her reputation despite not being as active as she use to.  Whatever the cause may be that has kept Kiti Gunn away from modeling as much as she use to we could only hope it doesn’t effect her career. Kiti Gunn’s down to earth sweet heart personality reflects what she symbolizes inside being the beautiful unique woman that she is. Kiti’s expansion from her early stage continues to grow throughout our universe that has witnessed Kiti repeatedly break headlines with worthy stories that benefited her modeling career in the freelance realm. She was also a headlining topic praised in the discussion on Internet Hollywood radio where Prince Vega predicted that she would not only make the top ten but will continue to be dominant as the months come. The posing little angel fly has heaved beyond her steps and placed herself beyond the remaining three as number seven! We applaud Kiti for all her hard work and we look forwarding to reporting on her more in the future!

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