Top Models Billboard Charts: Powerful Models Tygeria & Jessy Erinn Battles For #8 Spot!


Perhaps the most powerful battle is raging on beneath the shores of our remaining top seven leading up to the complete ten in our billboard charts. The beautiful “selfie” queen Jessy Erinn and the adorable “typhoon” Tygeria are battling it out amongst our committee for the 8th slot and surprisingly the two tied with one undecided which shook the committee floor in its tracks. The powerful debuts from these two adorable models in our headlining universe were so strong that some early members of ProjectXPlatinum may have thought the two models were elder members as-well. Throughout the course of two months Tygeria and Jessy Erinn has both headlined in over two articles of their own and participated in at-least one chain reaction following a trending story in Internet Hollywood. Tygeria has remained open minded before making decisions on the steps she takes to further her career and Jessy Erinn has done exactly the same. The battle between these two marks the second most powerful collision and the first that’s ever been documented on our billboard charts. Elder members of ProjectXPlatinum Isabel Vinson and Viola Verity has both been rumored to be the pay per view face off but the committee polls shows that still remains a  theory that is floating in the air at the moment. The super committee of thirteen has cleared with a total of twelve votes that split sixes in favor of both models each while one remained undecided.  The committee has till  5:00 pm est.  on July 7th to come up with a final vote or the decision will be overrided with a substitute poll where the public will be able to decide. Tygeria and Jessy Erinn is predicted to be major winners in the future as our award shows move in closer without the publics knowledge of it’s offical date at this time. Jessy Erinn is the first model from ProjectXPlatinum that has ever headlined in the “selfie” category which is why she was nicknamed the “selfie” queen. We’ll keep you updated!


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