Top Models Billboard Charts: Viola Verity Voted #4 Most Popular Model In Internet Hollywood

viola hotViola Verity is unleashing a flame that’s heating up our charts for the summer this year! The second floor committee has voted Viola into a position that puts her on the higher front of our headlining universe. The decision following the thirteen party vote has secured Viola’s status as a powerful figure that publicly dominated Internet Hollywood since her debut with ProjectXPlatinum. Viola’s spark was triggered by her motivated instincts that sensed a great opportunity following the birth of the freelance modeling organization that provides quality services to upcoming models free of charge. Viola’s recognition through our universe praised her commitment to the organization after she spread the word throughout social networking sites and even recruited models to the organization as-well. Her enthusiasm in powering the engine that helped start the ProjectXPlatinum movement earned Viola’s position as one of the most influential freelance models that has ever entered our galaxy. Despite personal situations keeping Viola away from being 100% active in her modeling career she still managed to make herself chart worthy in the top five and we are excited she was voted there!

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