Tributes – Miss Mary Mack shows off her beautiful smile in her photo shoot with photographer Constantine Manos!

Tributes – Rhode Island photographer Constantine Manos has had quite the history when it comes to doing photo shoots over the past years and I’m glad to have the privilege in sharing his work to shed light on some of the things he has done. This photo shoot includes a very talented former model by the name of Miss Mary Mack from the state of Massachusetts. I’ve spoken with Miss Mary Mack and got the green light on sharing some of the work she has done with the photographer as a tribute and I’m glad she did. Constantine Manos new interview with Internet Hollywood will air on on May 9th.


Note: This story was written before the date of March 9th. The radio show has passed and the archive is available to listen to on our main page soon!




Constantine Manos: Instagram – Website

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