Tributes – Model Raven lets her creative wings fly in her photo shoot with R.I. photographer Constantine Manos!

Tributes / Throwback Photoshoot – It’s nothing like seeing talented people combine forces to create art in their expression because everyone is their own person and seeing them join together always end up with fun results. That’s a good reason I never give up on sharing work from others because the positivity that comes from it is something worth experiencing by others and by life itself when acknowledging the “what goes around comes around” saying. This why it’s really exciting to pay tribute to this great photographer friend of mine while crediting the amazing person he worked with over the years – like Raven. These photos is some of many that Constantine and Raven has when it comes to doing photo shoots. They have a collection and I’m hoping to raise awareness to more of their work through out the month.
*You could tune in to the show to listen to Constantine Manos new interview by going on on May 9th at 7:00 p.m. (eastern time). Just press play on the radio icon if it does not start up automatically.
Note: The May 9th show has passed. The archive with Constantine Manos interview will be available sometime this week!

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