Trife Snitte’s Watch out (F**k out My Way) is not just a mixtape – It’s a chronicle!

Musicians – It is no secret or surprise that Trife Snitte is one of the most lyrical rappers from the state of Connecticut that delivers powerful punches in a timely manner as if he was in a boxing match leading his opponent on to a knock out jab. His punchlines echoes the ties to abilities he expressed years before now and draws the line in the sand against the hands of time and signals what he may release in future years to come. But the signals may be only a blimp of the true light Trife Snitte wishes to shine on his music. It’s obvious that when he wants us to feel the full spectrum of his music display he will open the door and what’s beyond it will be more powerful than what many thought.


The lifestyle in Trife Snitte’s music is nothing short of experience and many will share the fact that he’s one of the handful that actually lives the life he talks about on records. Therefore, those that stream his music with ties to him or people close to him listens with a more different point of view than the average stranger that just likes to hear good music. This is why his mixtape Watch out (F**k out My Way) is not just any kind of mixtape – it is chapters to his musical life with hood tales from a story only he could narrate from his point of view.


We previous reported on older material leading up to the release of his 16-track mixtape but nothing would honestly prepare someone to open their ears to something their not fully ready to embrace with the listeners drum that sits across the music line of streamers. One must accept the reality given in the art and read between the lines without doubt of its pure existence. Trife Snitte pens that reality in this body of work and takes listeners on that long ride and if they open their eyes there is a lot to see.


You may think songs like “Snitte’s Back” or “I Getz Busy” reflect the direction of Trife Snitte’s music path but street anthems aren’t the only thing he does and you will discover that when streaming Watch out (F**k out My Way). In his song “Stand By Me” (track 14) Trife Snitte sheds light on personal things that’ll incite your mind to a more different point of view when judging what kind of artist he is.


In this dark world I seen so much/

That’s why I close my eyes and dream so much/

Trying to find my way through this darkness/

I lost who I love the most now I’m heartless/

May 27th that’s tomorrow/

in memory of B Smiles I’m taking swallows/

at your gravesite pouring out bottles/

can’t nobody in this world but Kiki feel my sorrow/ ~ Trife Snitte


Trife Snitte has his entire mixtape on his Youtube channel and anyone could stream it if they go to the streaming platform to check it out. I posted the link to his channel below. Feel free to subscribe and check out his great work!

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