Two Black Teens Attack 76-Year-Old Woman In Omaha Church – She Responds With Forgiveness

76 year old attacked

OMAHA, Neb. — Police have arrested one suspect in the assault and robbery of a 76-year-old woman at Omaha’s Catholic cathedral — and the woman is asking prayers for her attackers.

“She is doing well and recovering at a friend’s house,” Father James Netusil, an associate pastor at St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, said on the cathedral’s Facebook page Aug. 18.

“She is grateful for all of your prayers, and her hope is that you will pray for her attackers. What a witness to Christian forgiveness. God bless her!”

The 76-year-old Iowa woman was reading a parish bulletin in the cathedral lobby on Sunday when one man approached her from behind. He grabbed her purse and ran out the door. A second man then hit the woman on her face and knocked her down. The woman hit her head on the table as she fell.

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