Tygeria Dominates Internet Hollywood Magazine Cover, Lands #1 On Internet Hollywood’s Top Models Chart

Internet Hollywood News – Tygeria’s fantastic year has only begun and her new feature on Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year is now available for the public to see. The model was the symbol of success as she blessed our front cover with her attractive smile that could warm the hearts of any human walking this beautiful planet.


The model revealed her dominance as shown on page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 17. The feature also included an interview that goes deeper into the world through the eyes of the Nevada model. She bravely answered all of our questions and kept it as real as imaginable. Here’s some of the highlights from our interview:


Tygeria the model vs Tygeria the Person

“I do feel Tygeria the model and Tygeria the person are different people sometimes. People look at me online and have a perception of me. They think she must be wild and sleep with multiple people or dumb. The Tygeria at home is a mom cooking meals for my kiddo, helping my family or volunteering for charities. I use to write about love and had a big following and then I decided to modeling full time so things change.”


Mastering Her Craft

“I feel like I have done really well in the social media world. I am very happy with Internet Hollywood and thankful they chose me. I have learned a lot  about business and the media world. I’m thankful for everyone who believed in me.”

Tips For Upcoming Models

“Everyone has to start somewhere. You might not get paid while making a portfolio, but it will perfect your craft and make you a better model and have a wide range portfolio. When you are good at what you do and in love with what you do money will come.”

Tygeria is the second model to get featured on a Internet Hollywood magazine. The first sensation was New Jersey model Carrie Madeline. She is also ranked the #1 model on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart. Nevada model Lonnie Alex came in at #2 and New Jersey model Carrie Madeline fell in at #3. Tygeria is the only model from the state of Nevada to land #1 on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart.

You could read the entire magazine issue by clicking here.

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