Tygeria Made History After Becoming The First Model To Win A Internet Hollywood Contest

Prince Vega – Supermodel Tygeria is on fire in Internet Hollywood and all of her past accomplishments are coming to light just in time for Arlene Diaries. The model made history back in 2015 when she became the first model to ever win a contest hosted by Internet Hollywood’s Isabel Vinson. The contest involved dozens of models from all over the United States who got their following to like and follow the ProjectXPlatinum fan page.


Tygeria’s contest victory has earned her the cover of Internet Hollywood magazine at the most important time of the year – February. As we explained before, from Feb. 1st – 14th Internet Hollywood will reveal the names responsible for Internet Hollywood’s most historic moments throughout our nearly three-year existence. Tygeria is now one of the models being recognized for her accomplishments.


What’s even more memorable about these accomplishments is the timing. Tygeria is practically weeks away from being ranked the #1 model in Internet Hollywood on the same exact day her magazine is getting released and her name is getting added to Arlene Dairies. This will be the second time Tygeria has topped the top models chart in Internet Hollywood.


This absolutely stunning photo of our adorable Tygeria was taken by Flight Deck Photography.



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