Tygeria Prepares To Take Over ProjectXPlatinum Magazine – Gives Upcoming Models Advice

tygeria 1ProjectXPlatinum model Tygeria is waiting and that time is finally coming on March 12th! The Internet Hollywood celebrity is definitely the next cover girl to represent the powerful model movement after winning Isabel’s  ‘Cover Girl’ contest. The model will be awarded a four page spread after racking in over a thousand votes against her opponents back in November. The adorable Elien Vandevyvere followed in with a total of 958 votes, quickly making her second place winner for a three page spread! Jessica Jean also made her presence known after gaining 334 votes against Lonnie’s 306 votes. The effort Tygeria puts into her modeling career is the reason she remains one of the most powerful models inside of Internet Hollywood. Shortly after debuting Tygeria landed #8 on Internet Hollywood’s National Billboard Chart for models in 2014. It’s obvious the amount of work she puts in now is going to guarantee her a bigger position when the update occurs in late March. Internet Hollywood caught up with the ProjectXPlatinum superstar to get her views on how upcoming models could become as successful as she became for modeling.

Internet Hollywood: Tygeria it is only about 2 weeks away before you take over the front cover of our ProjectXPlatinum magazine issue. You have always been a strong model in the Internet Hollywood universe. What is your advice for upcoming models that wish to establish a base as big as yours? What are the “dos and don’ts” if they want to make a name for themselves?

Tygeria: “I would say if you want to be big find your niche and stick to it. Be kind to other models and more importantly be kind to your fans, it takes one fan to make a strong impact. Work hard and cry through the hard times, but never ever give up. Things that are meant to be take hard work and dedication.”

Internet Hollywood: Thank you.

Tygeria is one of the most active models when it comes to her digital presence on the internet. She currently has over 480 thousand fans on her Facebook fan page! The first ProjectXPlatinum magazine is expected to be released on March 15th!


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Photograph By: Oscar Picazo Photography

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