Tygeria Ranked #1 Model In Internet Hollywood, Magazine Release Date Set For February 14!


Prince Vega – After countless delays for Tygeria’s well deserved magazine, Prince Vega has set the release date to Internet Hollywood’s first magazine to February 14. The delays was due to a huge series of events that transpired throughout the entire year of 2016, including the deaths of three members from Vega’s immediate family.

Now that Prince Vega is back and prepping Internet Hollywood up for its most important time of the year, he is making sure Tygeria’s magazine is released on the final day of Arlene Dairies on February 14th. Tygeria was selected as the ‘cover girl’ after dominating Internet Hollywood’s first contest Isabel Vinson organized to support Prince Vega’s party group ProjectXPlatinum.


Arlene Diaries is known as the history book of Internet Hollywood because it keeps records of Internet Hollywood’s most rememberable moments. All of Internet Hollywood’s most rememberable moments will be viewable to the public on the front page of our website.

Tygeria has been maintaining a strong two-year run as one of Internet Hollywood’s top models and has repeatedly made the list to prove it. She is the first model to ever win a contest done by Prince Vega & Isabel Vinson. Nominations will take place starting January 17th and will end on January 24th. There is a 68% chance Tygeria will be nominated for Arlene Diaries.


The credit to this absolutely gorgeous photo belongs to the amazingly talented Creative Visions By Michael.


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