Tygeria Talks Conquering The Front Cover Of Internet Hollywood’s First Magazine Of 2017

Interviews – Internet Hollywood’s first cover girl of the year is kindly sharing her thoughts on becoming the face of Internet Hollywood after a phenomenal three years as a sensation in our universe. The model continues to capture the eyes of our representatives with her unique way of marketing through her powerful social media pages. Anyone could tell by watching her that she knows what she is doing and she continues to do it well.


Tygeria’s independence has made her one of the most conscious models that understands the importance of marketing her brand. She has worked endlessly to build relationships and has manage to achieve a great deal of success doing so. It’s that same work ethic that got her featured on pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 17 in our magazine.


So what’s going on with our adorable superstar now? It’s been nearly two months since the model’s recent success and she still published on our website at a high capacity. We caught up with the model to discuss her recent success, contests, depression and more.

Internet Hollywood: Hey Tygeria! I just have to congratulate you again for taking over Internet Hollywood. You are truly the dream girl to be right now and you deserve it. How does it feel to be the face of our magazine right now? 

Tygeria: I’m happy that Internet Hollywood chose me. I feel very honored.


Internet Hollywood: Well lets not forget the hard effort you put into our first contest in November 2014. Previous reports shows that you pulled in 1,095 votes. This magazine was suppose to come out in 2015, it is now 2017! I know the wait had to be annoying. Did you ever think the issue was going to come out? 

Tygeria: I knew it would come out when it was meant to.

Internet Hollywood: I also wanted to congratulate you on being ranked the #1 model on Internet Hollywood. We haven’t seen a chart update in Internet Hollywood in two years. A lot of models feel that having a top models chart may discourage upcoming models and make them feel they’re forced to compete. What’s your thoughts on this?

Tygeria: I don’t think so. It is a competitive business. Models have to have a thick skin in the business. I think models know how the business runs and won’t be upset about the chart.

Internet Hollywood: Speaking of being competitive, coming up you were highly active in contests all over the Internet. Would you say that played a major role in helping you establishing a base? How does contests actually benefit the model?

Tygeria: Most contests don’t benefit the model in my opinion, but it depends on the contest. If a contest has a big following or a big prize or a prize where you are featured etc. than yes it can benefit the model. I did a lot of contests more in the past than the present because they were fun to me. I enjoyed getting close to my fans and having them support me in it.

Internet Hollywood: Does something ever trigger you to get emotionally depressed to the point you feel like you aren’t where you want to be even with the a lot of the success you been having?

Tygeria: Depression can happen to anyone. I try to stay positive and not let things trigger me.

Internet Hollywood: What’s the latest thing to come in the world of Tygeria that the world could expect in the future?

Tygeria: I am starting some pin up modeling. I don’t have much of it in my port will be interesting and maybe some more promo videos.

Internet Hollywood: Is there anything that you’ll never do?

Tygeria: Like in modeling? Probably won’t go completely nude or do a shoot that completely goes against my morals.

Internet Hollywood: Today’s topic of the week is about childhood celebrity crushes and favorite television shows. What was your favorite show growing up and who was your celebrity crush and why?


Tygeria: Growing up I watched Degrassi the 80s, till now I still watch it. My celebrity crushes growing up was mainly Leonardo Dicaprio and LL Cool J. I didn’t crush on a ton of celebrities as a kid. When I grew up it became about men with guitars. Liked a ton of musicians.

Internet Hollywood: Thank you Tygeria.

Tygeria has been leading the top models chart at #1 since February 14th. The model has been published in Internet Hollywood 25 times in the last three years.


These fascinating featured images was taken by the incredibly talented Flight Deck Photography.

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