Ulysses Burgos of Wicked Monstah has unseen footage from the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, MA

Holly Scoop – Anyone ever wonder who that guy was at the Internet Hollywood party that was filming everybody with a big gigantic camera in the media room?  He also filmed our reporters that interviewed our guest that was in attendance. That guy happens to Ulysses Burgos, a multi-talented videographer from Massachusetts that founded his own film company called Wicked Monstah.


Wicked Monstah was definitely in the building capturing it all and didn’t miss a thing in its path. Burgos kept it calm, professional and active as him and his beautiful assistant became the eyes behind the first party that included dozens of Internet Hollywood sensations including Isabel Vinson, Raven Macabre, MCM Photography, Hayley Cartwright, Alexa K. Pierce and more.


Burgos ties in Internet Hollywood beyond its very creation. He was the person that tried to develop Internet Hollywood’s first theme how I wanted before problems happened with the hosting. He has also helped me at times I really needed him and never have I been told no ever time I asked. Burgos was one of the first people to hear about the idea of Internet Hollywood before I created it. He was also one of the first people I know that supported it. Great people like him are hard to come by!


His company Wicked Monstah has toured with bands and also filmed festivals that you could find on their Youtube channel. The footage to the event will not be released at this time. You could follow their page by clicking the highlighted link below!


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