Unified Blocks: Mark Diggity to have a ‘Going Away Party’ at Revolutions Bowling in South Windsor, CT on November 12th!

Mayhem MusikK (News) – Unified Blocks will be having a going away celebration for Connecticut’s own Mark Diggity at Revolutions Bowling in South Windsor, Connecticut on November 12th. There have been fliers of the event circulating online that was also shared on G.O.L.D’s social media page as well. It was only right for us to do it here as well.


The event is scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. and each game will be $5 per person. A simple search through Google will show you where 60 Bidwell Rd. is.


Diggity is a very familiar name in the Connecticut music scene and Unified Blocks is a movement that has proven itself to be a dominant force over the years. They were not only a group but a group that supported others as if they were their own and that has worked in their favor. That is also how I first heard about them. They are very good at pushing their movement through the street circuit and their hustle online reflects that.


Diggity will soon be facing sentencing for a few years but that won’t slow down the force of his movement. He has been published on Internet Hollywood two times this year. If we were to add the publications about affiliates to Unified Blocks it will be a lot more.


The creative mind behind the artwork of the flier is Goldmind Grafix.


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